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Automate several tasks in Zendesk and Frontline Vulnerability Management

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About Digital Defense, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Digital Defense Inc. is an industry recognized provider of security assessment solutions, helping organizations defend data and protect brands. Frontline.Cloud, a native cloud built SaaS vulnerability management platform, leverages patented scanning technologies to simplify vulnerability scanning programs, providing a lighter-weight, less abrasive scanning experience for network assets resulting in more complete, comprehensive visibility to rapidly identify areas of high risk. Frontline.Cloud eases the burdens associated with information security and delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiencies through multiple systems including Frontline Vulnerability Manager (Frontline VM™), Frontline Web Application Scanning (Frontline WAS™) and Frontline Pen Test™. About This Integration

Digital Defense's Zendesk Integration utilizes the Zendesk REST API, along with Digital Defense's own Frontline Vulnerability Manager REST API, to facilitate the remediation of vulnerabilities in an organization's network. Our integration accomplishes this by creating tickets in Zendesk when new vulnerabilities are discovered during a Frontline scan, along with relevant information such as which hosts are affected by the vulnerability. Additionally, a CSV report is attached to the ticket, further detailing the vulnerability in order to help remediate it. Vulnerabilities are also "Tagged" within Frontline, so that users can easily see which vulnerabilities have associated tickets. When users mark tickets in Zendesk as resolved, the integration will launch a re-scan in Frontline to ensure that the vulnerability has been removed.

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