Bulk Data Manager

Now manage your Zendesk data in bulk like spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel.

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When we import data in bulk or manage bulk data, it is always a tedious work as we need to open every ticket, user or organization one by one, make the changes and save it, and when we do this, we always miss 'Microsoft Excel' or 'Spreadsheet'.

Hence we made a Zendesk app which will work similar to the above-mentioned software. Simply find 'Bulk Data Manager' in Zendesk marketplace and install it. Initially, it will come for 7 days of trial. Once the trial period is over, you need to buy the subscription and it will work as it should.

When you install the application, you will see an icon to the extreme left side of Zendesk window and when we click on this, it loads a big window by hiding most of the parts of Zendesk portal and loads a window like a spreadsheet with all the information with heading on top. If you want to reposition any column, you can use the arrow keys mentioned on the app area itself. When you make any changes to any cell, it will be saved then and there.

This way we can reach out to our customers easily in bulk when we do a Tele calling. In case if you are using any calling app, you can use that as well. This application will work fine with 'Zendesk Talk' app which will be helpful for 'Tele calling' in bulk.

If you don't like this app, you can uninstall it with Zendesk installation feature. For this

  • go to Apps

  • Manage

  • Currently installed

  • click on 'Gear' icon to uninstall it.

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Fonctionne avec
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Less than 5
Hexerve Solutions
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Free 7-day trial, then $2.50 per agent, per month

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