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Available to all customers on a Zendesk Suite plan or Customers with Support + Talk Partner Edition - Learn more at https://www.zendesk.com/pricing

Integrating Ringover with Zendesk Support makes it easy for teams to delight their customers by offering them excellent voice and messaging support.

Available with the entire Zendesk Suite plan, enterprises can launch a support contact centre in just five minutes. Access landline and mobile numbers from 60+ destinations and call up to 110 destinations worldwide using any internet-connected device.


Once integrated, the Ringover dialer will appear directly in the Zendesk Support workspace. Agents can easily chat with customers over the phone or via text messaging using their Ringover phone number. All interactions via phone, SMS and WhatsApp are automatically synced into tickets within Zendesk Support. Users connected to Empower by Ringover (add-on), can also enrich tickets with AI-generated conversation summaries, transcripts, and insights.

Video: Zendesk + Ringover Integration

Key benefits:

  • Spend less time creating and updating tickets in Zendesk.
  • Resolve customer issues faster.
  • View all relevant customer details and conversation history in one place.
  • Enhance customer service experience scores.
  • Ensure harmony between contacts, calls, and ticket information.
  • Understand customers better with AI-driven conversation analysis, summaries & insights.
  • Increase reply rate to social messages directly from Ringover.

Main features:

  • Click to dial: Reach customers using Ringover’s native dialer embedded in the Zendesk workspace.
  • Identify who’s calling: Ringover matches every caller with their existing contact record in Zendesk, enabling agents to offer a more personalized experience in every conversation.
  • Ticket auto-creation: Automatically create tickets from any inbound and outbound call. Ticket cards automatically pop-up to the front display, enabling agents to easily add or modify any relevant detail.
  • Automatic logging: Tickets are enriched instantly with relevant details including a timestamp, call type and duration, SMS details, voicemail playback and audio recording.
  • Monitor activity: Supervise and track agent conversations using Radio Coach (call whisper, barging and double-listening).
  • Conversation analysis: Use Empower (add-on) to automatically analyze, summarize, transcribe and translate conversations giving agents more value out of every interaction. Try Empower free.
  • Omnichannel messaging: Reply to social media messages from your Ringover workspace. Sync WhatsApp interactions back into Zendesk.

Try Ringover with Zendesk free for 7 days here.

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