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Suggests agent with top 5 suitable replies to customer tickets with power of AI

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An Intelligent Assistant for your Helpdesk Agent using Power of AI

AgentAssist automates customer service with Artificial Intelligent Tech so that your agents can spend more with the customers that matter most to your business.


Reduces Processing Time

Assists agent to quickly respond to customer with most relevant reply and save processing time.

Boost Productivity of Agent

Assists agent to process more Tickets Per hour by reducing time of investigation.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Quick and relevant response is every customer dream comes true.


Suggest most Relevant Reply

Suggest quick and most relevant reply to customer query. Its algorithm is design based on Research paper published by Google.

Continuously Serve and Learn

Its AI Engine learns from everything from past as well as present in near-realtime. It can even serve without any training (Cold start).

Connect to your Help Desk platfrom

Integrates directly into the most popular customer service and CRM systems like: Zendesk, Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, Intercom, Freshdesk, Drift and any of your proprietary systems via API.

Cold Start Capability

Engine is trained on large enterprise helpdesk data to start serving without even any custom training.

Deep Learning

Have used Transfer Learning Technique to use Globally trained domain model and getting further trained on customer data.

Automatic ticket tagging

It understands the content of each ticket and categorize it accordingly.

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