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SmileBack is the only customer feedback system specifically designed for helpdesks and focused exclusively on customer satisfaction. Our CSAT, NPS and reporting tools empower you to drive your business by making feedback abundant and actionable.

We know customer satisfaction is the #1-indicator of success for helpdesks, and we're the experts in the space. Our products will not only dramatically increase the amount of feedback you receive, but also help you analyze and take meaningful action from it in order to improve customer retention and market to new opportunities.

Watch a quick tour of SmileBack for Zendesk here.

  • Instant Feedback

Get instant reviews and critical client comments by triggering one-click surveys at the close of every ticket and schedule recurring surveys to better understand customer loyalty

  • Analysis + Reporting

Easily monitor customer sentiment with real-time dashboards in order to gather insights and create custom reports for your clients

  • Take Action

Showcase your responses by turning comments into client testimonials and set up workflows to instantly respond to issues

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