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Use reporting and agent coaching to improve live chat customer service and ROI

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Customers love live chat for its convenience, but Velaro also offers supervisors the tools they need to measure and continuously improve the performance of their chat agent teams. You can learn more about live chat performance management and continuously improving your ROI from live chat at

Our integration with Zendesk is designed to help optimize customer service quality and operational efficiency. A key to our success here is ensuring that your software stack not only serves your company’s data needs, but also makes things easier for your customers and for your chat agents.

Velaro’s Zendesk integration allows chat agents to access, edit, and create cases directly from within the live chat window, reducing the estimated 25% of handle time agents spend switching back and forth and back again between browser windows. For visitors who’ve chatted and had a case created before, that information will automatically populate in the chat window. For all visitors, chat transcripts can be added directly to their Zendesk case.

When standard chat is insufficient for assisting your customer, co-browsing, click-to-call, audio chat, and video chat are also available.

Velaro’s enterprise live chat solution is secure (ask us about Compliance Mode), customizable, and integration-friendly. Customer service software should create efficiencies, not obstacles, for your customers and your chat agents!

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