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ServiceDock makes it easy for multi-location businesses to capture outlet specific feedback via the messaging apps consumers already have on their phones.

Customers can scan a Facebook Messenger Code, QR code or use a custom URL to start a quick and interactive conversational survey in-store, while links can be used online and via email. No hardware or new app downloads are necessary.

Replies are displayed and analysed in real-time by our dashboard, where you can quickly benchmark outlet performance and identify key customer insights. And if you spot a customer with a serious problem, with one click you can start a follow-up conversation with them.

Our Zendesk integration means you can turn customer feedback via these channels into Zendesk tickets, which can then be resolved within ServiceDock. ServiceDock - Key Differentiators

-Specifically designed for multi-location businesses. ServiceDock has been built from the ground up to cater for the specific needs of multi-location businesses.

-Captures more customer feedback. By capturing feedback via messaging apps and providing innovative engagement incentives we ensure you gather more feedback in physical locations than any other solution.

-It’s never been easier to close the feedback loop. ServiceDock is built around messaging, which means you can respond and have a conversation with a customer directly from our dashboard.

-Reporting at outlet & head office level. Our system enables store managers or franchisees to view their own data and respond to local customers. Meanwhile head office can monitor conversations, benchmark outlet performance and identify customer insights both locally and chain-wide.

-Future-proof your service software. Feedback is only the first of many products and features tailored for multi-location businesses. We aim to offer the ultimate suite of customer communication solutions to these businesses.

-Enterprise Grade Security. We take data privacy very seriously and are GDPR compliant. We decided to build on Microsoft Azure because of their leading security credentials. If you’ve any questions please get in touch at

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