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Get access to the key account data of your customer with Zoho Inventory's Zendesk App.

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The Zendesk Support for Zoho Inventory app helps customer-support executives with instant and detailed access to the current, account status of the customer. When the Zendesk ticket is clicked, it automatically fetches the customer information from Zoho Inventory and displays it beside the ticket, offering better visibility to the customer support executive.

Here's how the Zoho Inventory information helps you build a better customer conversation in Zendesk:

* Contact Information: Billing / Shipping Address, Contact Persons etc.,
* Inventory Details: Stock Information, Recent Shipments
* Sales Transactions: List of Invoices and Sales Orders created by the contact.
* Comments: Critical information, if any, on the sales transactions created by the contact.

When you setup this integration between Zoho Inventory and Zendesk, your Customer Data (as defined in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy) will be transmitted or processed outside of Zoho systems as per Zoho’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

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