Verishow for Zendesk

Engage online in-person with customers while speaking with them on the phone.

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VeriShow enables real-time personal assistance that can lead to higher conversion and improved customer service. The integration with Zendesk allows the agent to launch a session straight from Zendesk. Session data is then reported back to Zendesk for future reference.

VeriShow allows the following flows:

Agent who speaks with a customer over the phone can start a session and invite a customer to join them to an online meeting. This is where the agent can share documents or co-browse the site together with the customer. Invitations can be sent via link, email and SMS.

The other flow allows the agent who speaks with the customer over the phone to read out a unique Assistance ID that is displayed on the company's website. When the agent enters that ID into the Assistance ID field of VeriShow in Zendesk, it connects the two parties in a session. The agent is then able to share content and co-browse.

VeriShow's Secure, Patented Co-browser features

  • Continue to co-browse from current session – continue to co-browse with customer from existing page, without losing previously saved data, added cart items, completed registration steps etc.
  • Co-browse pages that are behind login– no need to log in again if customer is already logged in, and be able to co-browse pages that are behind login.
  • Compatible with cookies – all cookie-based info is maintained and visible on both sides when co-browsing (e.g. adding items to shopping carts, changing language preference).
  • Full (optional) agent/customer control – choose view-only mode or agent control within the co-browsing session (limiting certain actions only is also supported).
  • Cursor and scrolling synchronization – The website’s representative and customer mouse cursors are visible and scrolling of pages is synchronized and can be done by both participants in the session.
  • Form completion – actively assist the customer while he or she is completing a form and even help with completion and type in forms (optional, agent view-only mode available).
  • Highlighting – assist the user by clicking on particular areas with the cursor highlighting feature.
  • Masking of sensitive fields while co-browsing – in scenarios such as payment pages, it is possible to mask inputted customer info such as credit card details.

VeriShow's Main Content Sharing

  • Agent to customer content sharing - share images, PDFs, Office documents in real-time with the customer.
  • Customer to agent content sharing - share content as above with the agent
  • Form completion - complete forms together with the customer in real-time
  • Screen Sharing - agent to customer desktop, window or application sharing in real-time.


At the end of the session VeriShow reports the chat transcript (if took place) and session events back to Zendesk for future reference. These include for example the app name that was used, content file name that was shared or URL that was visited in the co-browser.

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