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Ultra MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Zendesk Sell

MessageBird communication enables the user to manage their conersations using various social media platforms in one place. Access these features within Zendesk Sell through the extension to accumulate and handle all the interactions in one place.


-Send SMS, WhatsApp & Viber messages from Contacts, Leads & Deals Select any Contact, Lead or Deal in Zendesk Sell. Within the panel on the right side, click on 'Send MessageBird Message' under Ultra MessageBird SMS, WhatsApp & Viber for Zendesk Sell. Select your MessageBird Sender and the contact phone field. You can also add a default country code and select the settings for the same. Under Message enter the content of the message to be sent. Here you can insert templates, user fields, Contact/Lead/Deal fields and emojis. The message can now be sent to the contact.

-Receive incoming Messages Click on your profile within the extension interface and select 'Incoming Messages'. Here you can view the list of channels available on your MessageBird account. You can enable the channels from which you would like to receive the incoming messages.

-Enable desktop messages for incoming MessageBird messages The notifications for the incoming MessageBird messages can be enabled for multiple users. Click on your profile within the extension interface and select 'Message Notifications'. Enter the email id of the required user, contaning an Ulgebra account, and click on 'Add User'. Copy the link received and share it with the user. The user can login to Ulgebra using the shared link and click on 'Start Receiving notifications on this browser' to receive the desktop notifications.

-Send Bulk Messages Click on the MessageBird icon on the top panel. Select the MessageBird Sender and click on 'Add Recipeints'. Using this option you can enter the required contact number and add the number. Similarly, multiple numbers can be added to the message. Enter the default country code and select the settings for the same. Enter the message or insert a template. You can also add user fields and emojis into the message. The message can now be sent.

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