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Centribal Platform is a conversational tool for managing bots and integrations.

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Centribal Platform is a conversational tool for creating, managing and training bots, which integrates with your customers' favorite channels and ticketing tools, to offer complete traceability and an excellent customer experience.

Key Features

  • Create, manage and train chatbots with AI.
  • Connect your chatbot to instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Instagram.
  • It automatically detects the intention of your users, being able to include variables and entities for a maximum personalization of the experience.
  • Conversations connecting with third-party platforms through extensions and webhooks.
  • Invigorate your chatbot with control of business hours, inactivity control, sending satisfaction surveys.
  • Modify your chatbot safely thanks to the test environment and the export and import system.
  • Observe, download and analyse the metrics that occur in your chatbot: interactions, sessions, conversations, inactivity, surveys, etc.

Who is this for

Centribal Platform works for lots of use cases: e-commerce, retailer, assurance, airlines, etc. You will be able to create chatbots and then connect them to the instant messaging channel that you need. You will be autonomous to modify it as you need to adapt it to the needs of your clients.

What you’ll need

It’s super easy to get started! Get a 30-day, free trial. Request a trial and see why so many companies use Centribal Platform.

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