WooCommerce Integration Pro by AMS

Stop wasting your time with manually searching the customer order details!

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Stop wasting your time with manually searching the customer order details!
Open a ticket and directly see the customer's last order details and metrics at a glance.

How It Works

Using the WooCommerce® Integration for Zendesk Chat is a piece of cake - here's how it works:
+ When a customer starts a chat, you will automatically see your customer's last order details (based on his email address).
+ With 1 click, you can see all his orders.
+ You can also see all important Metrics: e.g. Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), Avg. Order Amount, Customer Since, Number of Reviews,….

See how it works in this quick video!


  • Save 41 seconds per ticket on average – this means cost savings of 6-8 working hours per month per agent
  • Automatically view the last order details at a glance
  • View all orders of the current chat with 1 click
  • Track the customer lifetime value (CLTV), avg. order amount, customer since, number of tickets, number of reviews
  • Based on the metrics the calculated customer's score shows your support how valuable the customer is for your business
  • Works with multiple WooCommerce stores – automatically matches the customer to the corresponding store
  • If you have problems with a customer you can block him from ordering again using an advanced algorithm (by name, email, address, IP-address) from your WooCommerce order backend
  • Compatible with Automate My Store Returns & Exchanges Pro for WooCommerce - view the number of returns, the latest RMA cases & all past RMA cases of the current customer
  • Fully WPML (multi-language) compatible
  • Installation within a few minutes
  • Full HTTPS encryption and GDPR compliance

Understanding what the customer needs is the lifeblood for every successful business! We developed this app to streamline our own customer support workflow and have tested it with 10 000s of chats.
We hope this app can help you improve your workflow as well! If you need a new feature or an adjustment, just shoot us an email at support@automate-my-store.com so we can discuss implementation.

This app is also available for Zendesk Support and Zendesk Sell

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