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CBOT is a leading Conversational AI company that is operating in mainly financial services, e-commerce, telecoms and customer services sectors and focuses on enhancing customer experience via AI-based chatbots to meet business goals, particularly goals around increasing customer loyalty and revenue.

Today we work with more than 50 brands including Amazon, BBVA, eBay, ING, QNB, The Western Union, Unilever to help them transform their customer service and sales channels by;

  • Automating up to 70% of customer queries.

  • Increasing sales up to 300%.

For more information on integrating a CBOT Virtual Assistant, contact us at hi@cbot.ai


Sophisticated Artificial Intelligence: CBOT's sophisticated artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning technologies, test models, flow/integration tools, conversation analytics and CBOT NLP are all in one platform to design exceptional human-like chatbot dialogues.

Deep domain expertise in Banking and E-commerce: CBOT Virtual Assistants leverage deep learning-based language understanding, with sector-specific language models that are pre-trained using millions of real-customer data. We deliver end-to-end solutions starting from bot building, integrations and also bot accuracy control entirely managed by CBOT as part of our quality check service.

Project Delivery in 4 weeks: AI training and backend integration are usually in the critical path of chatbot projects. We have fine-tuned out project delivery methodology over time and created several tools that speed up training, testing and integration tasks. No-Code dialogue builder, auto-regression testing, confusion matrix builder, typo correction and auto-training generator are a few of these tools.

High Success Rate: CBOT takes the end-to-end responsibility of the projects and keeps the quality and success at the highest level. Our pre-trained Virtual Assistants are able to understand over 95% of the customer queries out-of-the-box. With our advanced features including intent switching and intent change, users switch between conversations seamlessly, help us to increase conversation success rates.

Easy Integration to Conversational Channels: Our Virtual Assistants can be implemented not only in web and mobile apps but also in the most popular conversational channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant and voice assistants or any platform with the corresponding API.

Please contact us at hi@cbot.ai to learn more and kick off the installation process of your chatbot.

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