Solvemate's virtual agents handle ~80% of requests automatically.

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Solvemate's virtual agents take care of all the repetitive requests – that do not require human assistance – you receive from your customers. You can train your virtual agent and go live in less than two weeks – no big datasets necessary.

Solvemate's Zendesk API integration offers you following benefits:

  1. The virtual agents handle all the repetitive requests – that do not require human assistance.
  2. You will have happier customers, because on average they get answers in less than 18 seconds.
  3. You will have happy employees, because they only need to handle relevant requests.
  4. The app ensures a smooth ticket handover from your virtual agent to your Zendesk helpdesk throughout the Solvemate Zendesk API integration.

How does the integration work?

Solvemate's virtual agent automatically creates a case in Zendesk. By mapping the customers input in the virtual agent to the right fields in Zendesk, the case is directly connected to the customers contact stored in Zendesk - in case there is no contact it creates a new one.

Optionally Solvemate's Zendesk API integration can transfer a transcript URL which enables your customer service agents to see which questions where asked by the virtual agent and which answers your customer gave.

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