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Bytesview is a text analysis tool which analyzes any piece of text using machine learning and natural language processing. By automatically pulling subject and description from newly created tickets, the bytesview app processes the input data and gives output to already defined custom fields which helps user agents automatically tag new tickets with sentiment, emotion, intent, keywords and many more tags.

Here are a few reason why you might consider using the Bytesviews:

  • Save time with automatic tagging for the new tickets with the help of Bytesview NLP tools.

  • What are your customers complaining about? And why? Keyword extraction allows your customer support teams to get an overview so that they can allocate their time for issues that requires urgent attention.

  • Analyze the data around your brand with our analysis tool and understand the motivations and the intent behind their queries.

  • Process large volumes of feedback data to examine employee satisfaction levels.

Once you sign-up for a Bytesview account, all you need to do is input your API token and choose ticket tagging model and field in the Zendesk App. We're also there to help you every step of the way. You can email our Support Team at contact@bytesview.com for any help.

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