Master Customer Support for Small Business – Grab growth by the omnichannel horns: Asia Pacific

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As you think of ways to grow your small business, your support system should evolve as well. Keeping up with separate customer communication through email, chat, phone, social messages, or text has your team feeling overwhelmed with all the requests. But it can be easy to connect all your channels which will create seamless conversation flow with customers, increase agent productivity, and provide support insights to be shared across your company.

Join Zendesk’s very own Mark Bloom, Director of Product Marketing for Suite and Andrew Forbes, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Explore as they share learnings and simple steps to take in creating a seamless customer service experience.

You’ll get the opportunity to learn:
● Why and when to implement an omnichannel customer support system as you grow your small business
● The benefits for your customers and business of moving to omnichannel customer support
● The actual first steps to take when moving to omnichannel
● How to measure success, the importance of analytics, and what to do with the data

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Mark Bloom

Mark Bloom, Director of Omnichannel Product Marketing for Zendesk, drives Omnichannel messaging, positioning and GTM activities, in addition to presenting at trade shows and symposiums.

Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes is a Senior Product Marketing Manager, Analytics at Zendesk who thinks there’s nothing more magical than pie, except pie charts, because he doesn’t like those.

Jennifer Kwan

Jennifer Kwan is an Integrated Campaigns Manager focusing on the small to medium business audience at Zendesk, San Francisco.