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Wiki knows everything. They’ve built a collaborative platform that is continually learning and updating itself—making it easy for us to find just about anything. When you use Zendesk Support’s ticketing system it can have a wiki-style knowledge base attached to it. Setting your business apart from the competition. It’s just like building a help center for your customers—automatically.

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Zendesk Support’s ticket system software taps into the extensive knowledge of your customer service team, automatically updates your knowledge base with the latest ticket resolutions, and makes it easy for the customer to find, their own answers, on your knowledge base. That’s right, that means the next time a customer has the same question they can find the most updated answer without having to reach out to you. Two birds. One stone my friend.

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Improving the relationship between a business and customer is as easy as improving its help desk software. And while white papers and instruction manuals are helpful, That's where Zendesk Support comes in. Support's ticket system allows:
  • Customers or users to add their request for support to the web page and automatically generate a customer service ticket
  • A shared inbox for all customers’ questions and concerns
  • Organization of issues as they are reported
  • Tracking of records until the issues are resolved

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There’s more where that came from. Become Wiki smart.

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