Logiciel de service d’assistance informatique

Logiciel de service d’assistance informatique

What is IT service desk software?

Just like your customers, your employees have expectations too. Zendesk helps businesses deliver the best experiences to their customers and employees. With Zendesk, internal teams like IT can create consumer-like experiences for your employees that are easy, reliable, and productive. Because when businesses make their employees a priority, employees work harder in return.

Engage your employees

Seamless IT helpdesk support results in a better employee experience. The average employee spends an estimated 28% of the week managing their email and about 20% looking for internal information. Help your employees find the information they need faster with a smart self-service knowledge base and omnichannel support. Luckily, Zendesk is the solution that offers everything your employees need from a single place.

Le saviez-vous ?

Give your employees instant access to the information they want and improve their overall productivity. With Zendesk, your IT helpdesk can access apps, systems, and integrations like change management, asset management, and more from one central place. With over 750+ apps and integrations our customers can integrate with the ITSM systems, tools, and services they need to boost employee experiences.

Implement and optimize

Here’s how to execute an IT helpdesk solution with Zendesk:
  • Provide your team with a robust knowledge base that centralizes all your institutional knowledge with Zendesk Guide. Employees can help themselves and find answers to common questions quicker. So your team can scale support with self-service, protecting your team's resources for more complex employee issues.
  • Zendesk apps help improve efficiency by giving teams the ability to integrate applications, systems, and employee interactions within Zendesk Support. As a result, teams can easily access the systems they use for faster, more contextually relevant and productive employee experiences.
  • Answer Bot helps teams deflect tickets and scale support across the organization, while giving employees the fast responses they expect.
  • Zendesk Support offers automation tools such as macros and triggers, to streamline support for repetitive questions. An example could be setting up automated email reminders automated email reminders around password security, or setting up a trigger to let employees know that their issue is being escalated.
  • Zendesk Explore provides a way for IT teams to identify actionable insights to analyze trends, response times, and satisfaction scores. This information empowers your team to identify underlying problems and opportunities to improve team performance.

Champion your squad

With Zendesk IT helpdesk service your business has everything you need in one place for a better employee experience.

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