Drupal ticketing system

What's better than a Drupal ticketing system? This video.

The life of a customer support agent can be very glamorous: Mixing and mingling with a vast array of society, wearing fancy headsets, having the last word when it comes to problem-solving... Sarcasm aside, the truth is that sometimes the job is a bit repetitive. The best ticketing system can free up your agents to work on the tickets that are...well a bit more titillating.

Zendesk is a ticketing system that acts as a shared inbox for all your customers’ questions and concerns.

The inside scoop

No matter what channel the customer uses to contact the company—email, chat, Twitter, etc.-—the support agent is always provided with a consistent ticket, making ticket management much easier for the agent to help the customer more quickly solve the issue to their satisfaction.

Did you know?

Zendesk Support ticket system allows support teams to view user communications in a single ticket, all within an organized workflow. This creates a quicker resolution of individual support requests. And if the same customer or user reaches out again, the support agent will automatically have access to important comments, including when they last requested support, what the issue was, how it was resolved, and even how long the customer had to wait for a resolution.

The customer never sleeps

Support ticket system also enables:

  • All support requests, whether their chats, phone calls, Tweets, or emails, are stored in the online ticket system as tickets
  • An issue tracking system, so the support team can view the big picture of an issue
  • Streamlines of support operations with time-saving tools that help you get straight to what matters most – better customer service and more meaningful conversations
  • Native mobile apps so agents can respond to customer requests even when they’re away from their desks and the office

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