Simplified IT Service Management

An internal IT department is an interesting place to work. You feel buffered from the front-lines of 'real' customer support, yet the systems you monitor and maintain often directly affect the experience of those external paying customers in some way. So, by giving the best support possible internally, you're helping to ensure great service and support to the end-customer, too.

Technically speaking, customers are the people who are paying for the product or service they're getting. For an internal IT team, those are the people who pay your salary and for the tools you use in your role. They're the decision-makers — the same people who agree on the service levels between IT and the rest of the organization. Users, on the other hand, are those people who use your IT services in the office every day, contacting you with issues that may be hindering their ability to do their jobs.

A great IT manager knows how to balance the needs of the paying customer against the needs of the users. They have to ensure network usability, meet the service level targets set by business units and roll out new projects, all without blowing the budget on staff and assets.

A great IT professional not only enjoys the puzzle of solving a problem; they care about their rep, too. And a great rep comes from good support interactions. When it comes to IT support, it stands to reason that the technical difference between the customer and the user matters little. They both deserve responsiveness and helpfulness.

At Zendesk, we believe your users are customers, too. It's true they're not paying for the service you're giving them, but their experience with your IT support team has a direct impact on your reputation — just like 'real' customers do. Zendesk gives you a fast and simple way of providing customer-centric IT support, but with all the power and flexibility of customized workflows and reporting. We've simplified traditional IT service management processes so you can focus on being the most personable and productive IT department, ever. And over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing some tips on how you can go about it.

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