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Keep your agents up to date by showing recent Help Center articles next to their tickets.



As Zendesk explains on the Zendesk Guide landingpage:

A knowledge base is a crucial part of any company’s customer experience strategy. It organizes frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and more, and empowers customers and agents with that information. Integrated seamlessly with Zendesk Support, Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base. It’s built to help you and your team continuously improve your content, keep it up to date, and serve it to customers.

Why Newsfeed

Your agents live inside of Zendesk Support. They use it to handle Chats, Social Messaging, calls and tickets. Thanks to Sunshine and Customer Profiles and Events they get a 360 view of your customer interactions.

But how are they kept up to date about new Help Center articles? Do you want them to keep the Help Center open in a second tab or on a second screen all day?

Introducing Newsfeed

The Newsfeed app shows the 5 most recent articles of your Help Center right next to any ticket, and highlights articles updated or created today.

That way, no matter which ticket your agents are handling, they will see up to date information right inside of Zendesk Support


  • Show the 5 most recently updated articles
  • Filter by category or section
  • Highlights articles updated today
  • Integrated in the Zendesk interface without annoying popups or alerts.

Powered by Premium Plus.

The app was developed by Premium Plus. We’re an award winning Zendesk Master Implementation Partner with over 500 active and happy customers. We’re here to help if you need guidance on how to get the most out of Zendesk. Visit for more information.

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