Open Source Help Desk

Open Source Help Desk vs. Open API Help Desk

Open source software describes the movement that promotes making and keeping source code public to inspire continual improvements and decentralizes development.

Many well-known software products, including Firefox and Linux, fall under the open source model. Open source software makes sense for many software packages, but there are some notable downsides. Open source help desk software is not always professionally maintained or aligned with professional support models.

An alternate to open source help desk software is working with a vendor, such as Zendesk, who provides open API help desk software that allow developers and designers lots of room to innovate and seamlessly integrate many of the web tools (including open source ones!) they already use.

How Businesses Use Open API Help Desk Software

When developing Zendesk’s open API system, we aimed to partner with some of the most exciting web tools our customers were already using.

For example, imagine being able to convert your customer’s tweets into support tickets or being able to analyze how your customers use your online help desk with Google Analytics. With an open API help desk, you can easily connect your Zendesk to custom plug-ins or 3rd party applications.

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Why Zendesk?

Zendesk’s mail API allows users to import backlogged tickets from existing email programs and submit tickets from non-Zendesk applications. The widget API can display external data onto your help desk and foster speedy communication between your servers and your Zendesk.

Remote authentication gives you the freedom to authenticate customer support agents on your own domain, rather than forcing them to have a separate login and password in Zendesk.

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