Publication d’équipe

Publication d’équipe

Use the combined brain power of all of your support agents to make sure your customers get the most helpful self-service content.

Impliquez toute votre équipe

In order to build great self-service content, you need experts to ensure the right knowledge is documented. Empower your team to suggest improvements within your knowledge base, as well as assign them specific article updates. From approvals and publishing to vetting new articles and improving upon old ones, everyone can easily contribute to all of your content in one convenient place.

Publication d’équipe

Travaillez en toute fluidité

With collaboration workflows, teams can review, approve, and publish content with ease. With publishing permissions, you can define who can manage certain articles—including editing and publishing permissions—ensuring that the right people are always in the loop.

Keep content fresh

Your business is always evolving—and so should your knowledge base. Keep the team engaged, empowered and accountable during your content’s lifespan with Article Events. Easily set verification timelines for different segments of your knowledge base, ensuring subject matter experts stay involved with keeping content relevant and up to date on an ongoing basis.

We love Team Publishing! The ability to draft and save versions of an article without publishing them live is a game-changer for us. This amazing feature enables us to conduct reviews more effectively and update our Guide articles in advance of a new feature launch, so we can publish them and support our customers the second changes occur.

Jessie Carroll, Technical Content Manager


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