The modern day merry-go-round

Ready to amp out your help authoring tools? Yep, we are too, we're actually chomping at the bit. But let's start at the beginning, your support teams have a lot of knowledge about customer issues—and the best way to solve them.

Une approche différente

Zendesk Guide is a smart knowledge base that helps tap into that institutional knowledge and puts it to work. With Guide, setting up a well-stocked knowledge base is easy. Our help authoring tools use your support center documentation to quickly create a customizable help center, online community, and customer portal. You can also add manuals, documents, and help files, as well as connect internal software and apps to your online help center.

Profitez des avantages

Zendesk Support works with Guide to make your knowledge base smarter:

  • An old horse. Agents turn every customer interaction into new content, flag old content for improvements, and even search for articles to share in tickets
  • Get your tickets. When customers use self-service, Guide tracks that activity and sends it to Support in the form of contextual insights
  • Feel the wind in your hair. Agents analyze customer activity and solve tickets faster. This info is fed back into Guide, which continuously improves and refines the info it offers to both agents and customers
  • Come full circle. This continuous feedback loop creates a treasure trove of knowledge for agents—both new and old—and helps get your self-service up and running right out of the gate

The Wharton School

Zendesk Support's iPad app allows Wharton Computing's team to answer tickets on the go

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