Cloud knowledge base

What is a cloud knowledge base?

A knowledge base provides helpful articles and other information that will improve your organization’s self-service offerings for customers by building on the collective experience of your agents.

With Zendesk Guide, a cloud-based tool that integrates seamlessly with Zendesk Support, you will be able to build a customizable help center, foster an online community, and deliver a customer portal that will improve agent efficiency and customer self-service.

Gets better with time

Guide features Answer Bot, an AI that will resolve common, low-touch tickets by sharing relevant articles with customers as they wait to speak to an agent. As Answer Bot works, it constantly learns and trains itself based on interactions with customers. You can also take advantage of Guide’s analytics tools, which score content for popularity and effectiveness so you will know what's helping customers—and what’s not. And because it works in tandem with Zendesk Support—data is fed back-and-forth between the systems—you will continue to see improvements in service.

In addition, the Knowledge Capture app allows agents to turn customer interactions into new content, flag articles for updates, and search for posts that can then be shared in tickets. As self-service articles are created, they’re auto-optimized for search engines or in your own help center. The knowledge base software is integrated with Google Analytics so you can fine-tune information.

Easy-to-use management tools

Guide knowledge base software can be restricted to agents only, to registered users, or left open to the public, and the customizable lists and labels features will help your team—and customers—refine content searches for less noise. You will be able to set up your knowledge base software in more than 40 languages, and the WYSIWYG rich text editor lets you add multimedia elements to your content, all from a familiar user interface.

In the event you delete an article, simply search the archive and restore the content. Organize your content on multiple levels (categories, sections), set up a central location for internal training docs, and use the content history feature to review edits so you can keep content accurate and up-to-date.

Customization, branding, and apps

Your developers will be able to use standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create custom branding and themes, so users will experience the same look no matter which device they’re using. You can also opt for multi-branding based on audience, region, or brand, with each version set up with its own permissions scheme.

Étendez votre champ d’action

Start your customers on the self-service path by creating community forums, which include profiles that display user information, activity, who they’re following, and contributions. Then use the software to direct new and edited end-user articles to a queue so it can be reviewed prior to publishing. You’ll be able to manage all posts and comments in the queue, or you can set a filter for specific words.

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