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The solution to customer management that can be shared with partners

An upset customer will tell infinitely more people about a bad experience than one who enjoyed their customer service interaction. As such, it's important to keep customers happy. By giving them the tools to access information through a self-service portal, they're put in the drivers' in their quest for happiness. That's just what Zendesk Guide does.

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Zendesk Guide, part of the Zendesk family of products, provides a dedicated hub for customers and partners to manage support requests and their knowledge base or community contributions. As it's a dedicated web portal, finding what they're looking for is easy. They simply search through previous interactions or tickets, so that problems are solved quickly and efficiently, with no need to contact a customer service agent.

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With portal software from Guide:
  • Logos and custom themes are supported, ensuring that it matches your brand
  • Using your own domain and configuring single sign-on means a seamless experience between your own website and your help center
  • Agents gain context into requests with pre-chat forms
What's more, sharing updates with your team or partners is possible as Zendesk's customer portal supports shared organizations. The partner portal software gives members visibility into one another's requests, increasing transparency across multiple organizations.

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Learn more about how you can create a portal for customer request or issues that can be shared across multiple organizations.

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