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Customer community software

Connecting customers and support staff

Reaching out to like customers is easier than ever these days. Whether you're reading a review, exchanging ideas on social media, or participating in an online discussion, talking to one another is an everyday occurrence. Zendesk Guide fosters that customer engagement, strengthening connections on a platform that is branded and customized.

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Guide empowers new users and longtime customers with advanced community management features. Support teams members are able to monitor discussions and jump in to help as needed. Or, community managers can be appointed to moderate discussions, keeping them on topic. And, customers wishing to stay informed on the latest updates have the option of sorting or following posts.

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Guide fosters online communities with:
  • Fun, useful, and inviting sites - add logos or change colors to make your community feel like home
  • Fresh and valuable content - existing content scans cut down on duplications and make it easy to discover solutions
  • Easy monitoring of sites which allows for agent assistance

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Give your brand room to shine with customer community software that promotes peer-to-peer support with the assistance of your customer service team. Launch your free trial today.

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