Employee portal software

Equip employees with robust knowledge base software
Your employees have a wealth of knowledge about customer issues, including the best way to solve them. With Zendesk Guide, a smart knowledge base, you can tap into that institutional knowledge and quickly put it to work. Guide makes building a customizable help center, customer portal, and online community simple, providing customers with better self-service while improving employee efficiency. And since it’s the only knowledge base native to Zendesk, Guide seamlessly integrates with Zendesk Support.

The details

Guide makes setting up a well-stocked knowledge base easy. Employees are able to turn every customer interaction into new content. Searching articles to share in tickets and flagging old content for improvements creates a seamless feedback loop that gets your employee portal software up and running right out of the gate.

Guide empowers your employees with knowledge base software that:

  • Makes sorting articles easy with a sophisticated tagging system that includes sections and categories
  • Permits future viewing of archived documents
  • Enables content to constantly evolve
Give your employees the access to the information that need to deliver the best service to your customers.