Predictive Data Analytics

Predictive data analytics

The data really is in the details

Quality customer relationships are built more efficiently when the relationship is driven by big data.

Customers reach out for all sorts of reasons – testing your product, researching your website, or when they're looking for insights to a problem. Zendesk Explore helps your organization bring together data from every step of the journey – and across every Zendesk product – so you can understand, predict, and improve your customer's experience.

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With Explore, you receive instant access to the predictive analytics that matter – and the deeper understanding of your customers and business that comes along with it. Connect all of your data points such as databases, CRMs, Files, and Business Apps – including Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Voila. Data mining at its finest. Explore offers the real-time analytics that utilizes machine learning to predict the satisfaction of your customer.

Reaping the benefits

Let data be your guide. With Explore you can:
  • Make teamwork more efficient- measure your team's predictive workload capacity, as well as their performance
  • See what they're really up to- discover how your customers use your products, website, or support channels
  • Find out who's happy or not- learn which customers are having positive experiences and which customers need additional TLC

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Use Explore to measure, predict, and understand the entire customer experience. Today is your data. Take Zendesk for a spin with a free 14-day trial.

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