Zendesk ? Salesforce

Published May 3, 2010
Last modified May 3, 2010

As previously announced we hosted a webinar on the Salesforce-Zendesk integration last Thursday (May 29). We're pretty psyched about the integration, and can promise that this is just the first (or more correctly, second) step in smoothly integrating Salesforce and Zendesk.

We're big Salesforce fans here at Zendesk. It was the first real company-wide system we implemented and invested in. And I can say without a doubt that it has played a role in forming our business and who we are today.

No love without a little hate. There's some stuff around Salesforce that can drive us crazy. The fine print is often critically important and it's beyond my (our) understanding why adding an extra seat can be a two day sales process.

But all in all Salesforce is a great CRM system and we maintain all of our customer records in Salesforce. We use Zendesk to handle all of our customer conversation and we want to make sure that our Salesforce records reflect all of those conversations. The new integration does that, combining the data powerhouse of Salesforce with the fuzzy customer love Zendesk does so well. It gives your sales people full insight into the customer service and support conversations going on. They can see who's talking to whom about what, and what conversations are ongoing and which ones are closed.

And it all works so seamlessly that it's a joy.