Zen Master webinar series: the proven Path to delighting your customers

Published July 19, 2012
Last modified July 19, 2012

The customer service game has changed and finding the right approach to building a strong service culture for your company can be difficult. But no matter how your company operates, the same basic building blocks can be used to help achieve an uplifting service culture. Our next Zen Master Webinar features New York Times bestselling author and founder of UP! Your Service, Ron Kaufman.

A global consultant, speaker, and educator on the topic of building a service culture, Kaufman will discuss 5 key elements to creating uplifting customer service. By using examples of his experiences with some of the world’s best performing companies, he will show how his 5 elements can become actionable steps that you can use to build a sustainable culture and deliver outstanding service to your customers.

The very first element discussed in his book, Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet, is to ask yourself a simple question: why? Why improve your customer service? Kaufman shows how an uplifting service culture can help economic growth, employee engagement, value creation, and a sustainable competitive advantage by starting off with that very simple question.

Satisfied customers are far more likely to be loyal customers, and exceptional customer service can help you build a satisfied, loyal customer base. Our own customers are using Zendesk, which has helped them achieve an average 86% positive satisfaction rating. Great customer service can help your company differentiate itself from competitors. No matter what your product is, how big you are, or who you serve, the basic principles of customer service remain the same. Any company that goes beyond expectations to provide a truly uplifting customer service will get a reputation as a great service provider. And that’s the kind of reputation your business can be proud of.

Watch the recording of our Zen Master webinar with Ron Kaufman: Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers