Are there ways to organize my end-users in Zendesk?

Published May 13, 2011
Last modified May 13, 2011

A: Yes. If you run a help desk that serves different groups of people, you should try using Organizations.

Organizations give you another way to set up your support workflow. Just like you can set up Triggers and other business rules based on things like keywords in a ticket, or how long it has gone unsolved, you can also trigger actions in Zendesk based on which Organization an end-user belongs to.

For instance, say you support a software product that is used by several large companies. Hundreds of people use your product within each of these companies; and you've assigned each company a specific support agent. Rather than manually checking every support ticket that comes in -- seeing which company it came from and assigning it to the right agent -- you could group each company's users into an Organization.

Now, when someone from Big Company A sends in a support ticket, your Zendesk can automatically assign it to the correct agent via a Trigger. You can also see all the tickets that have come from a specific organization.

To set up an organization go to Manage in the top navigation bar and choose People. Choose Add Organization in the upper right and fill out the form. Note that you can even automatically put users into an organization based on their email address.

Organize Your Help Desk

Another great feature of Organizations is the option (seen above) to make an organization shared to its users. This means that when a user from an organization logs into your Zendesk, they can see all the tickets from that organization. This is especially helpful for managers, or others who need to keep track of support from their end of things.