Nike’s new idea to get people running: make running into a game

Published October 29, 2010
Last modified October 29, 2010

From Fast Company

Nike's always been bold with its advertising. Now this:

Nike has turned the city of London into a game board for a two-week competition called the GRID which the shoe manufacturer hopes will ultimately encourage young people who already jog for exercise to start identifying themselves as "runners."

They are working with marketing powerhouse Wieden+Kennedy to develop the game/ad. When confronted with Nike's challenge to get "young people engaged in running", W+K decided they had to go beyond a "message-based campaign".

It's a good strategy. We live in a world of near constant messaging. It's cool to see an advertising company thinking of a way to actually engage consumers in what Nike purports to be selling.

In this video, they take some of the data collected during the game and visualize Girls vs. Boys: