How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Zenfession?

April 19, 2009

“We implemented Zendesk to 90% of how we us it now in the first 2 hours of testing it. It worked so well in the tests, I was able to roll it out to our customers at our yearly user conference the next week. I have nothing but rave reviews from both our clients and my staff.”

“We have Zendesk fully integrated into our site & in use – it’s a huge thumbs up – I know for a fact that nothing even comes close to this app. It is by far the best choice if you want something that looks great, works well & integrates incredibly well.”

Head over to our Zenfessions forum and read how other Zendesk customers are reviewing their Zendesk help desk. And send us your feedback, stories and impressions too. Share your experiences with Zendesk and we will send you a Zendesk Tee or a Zendesk Buddha Machine for good help desk karma.

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