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SEO for Zendesk Support

Last updated October 3, 2012

Many tools already exist to help you deflect tickets and encourage self-service on your Zendesk. Here at Line2 we have found that Search Analytics in addition to Google Analytics have assisted us in becoming a customer-centric company.

To maximize a user’s probability of connecting with their desired content, you need to know how they are searching for it. You can use the Search Analytics tool to review the top 500 query terms over the past 30 days. Including as much of your users’ language in your Knowledge Base Articles either in the content of the article or the title of the post– will get relevant articles to rank higher in search results. It’s SEO for your Zendesk.

The Google Analytics Widget is a great tool to use to improve your users’ site navigation experience. People seeking help don’t want to dedicate the time to find their answers, which is why most people opt to speak to a live support representative or submit a ticket. But you can deflect tickets and still offer a pleasant support experience by directing users where to go on the front page on your Zendesk.

The front page is your landing page, so if you don’t present users with a clear direction of how to find their answers, you’ll find your bounce rate stagnant and high. With Google Analytics you can monitor the most visited pages within your Zendesk, which lets you know what kind of support your customers are seeking. If you notice a trend at Line2, we found that our users were looking for help setting up their accounts – you can update the front page with a clear path to articles related to the most popular subjects.

Thanks for reading! We at Line2 have had great success with these Zendesk tools, and we hope you will too. If you’d like to learn more about what we do, check out our business features.

This week’s guest post is from David Linder, Workforce Analyst at Line2, which allows you you to add a second phone line to your mobile device.

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