California Health Insurers Suck at Customer Service

Published November 19, 2010
Last modified November 19, 2010

health insuranceSpoiler alert: California health insurance companies fail at customer service.

That's according to a newly issued evaluation by the California Department of Insurance.

In the quality report card, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, Health Net Inc., UnitedHealthcare and Cigna Corp. received the lowest possible ratings — poor — for customer service. Aetna Inc. earned a slightly better rating of fair.

California's Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner described the findings as "atrocious," and they are. But doesn't it feel like no matter what, the insurance companies hold all the cards. What's it going to take for insurance companies to step up their game? It's not like PPO plans, especially those members who finance these plans out-of-pocket come cheap.

Photo courtesy of Jasleen Kaur.