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BrightReps is a platform for streamlining complex support processes like troubleshooting, handling returns/RMAs, questions about status of orders, and much more. Our drag-and-drop workflow builder enables you to translate your documented processes into a step-by-step workflow that can be run within Zendesk from our Sidekick app.

Our new app, BrightReps Knowledge, helps you leverage your existing processes that are documented in Zendesk Guide, making it easy to quickly find the article that will help with your customer’s support issue.

Search the help center and view articles from within the ticket Link to the article within ticket comments Capture analytics to understand which articles are being linked to and what search terms aren’t returning any articles

This is an early version of the app and we will be adding new features and improvements based on customer feedback so please get in touch if you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests. For more information, check out our site at https://www.brightreps.com.

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